Hey guys,

Just wanting to know yall's opinions.. Should I get Tex-Mex Pups, or spend twice as much money and get Texas Special Pups?

Again all I want is your opinion. lol
depends what sound you want, what guitar they're going in and what other gear you have.

personally i'd go for either the Texas Specials or have a look at the Custom Shop '69 set

link: http://www.fender.com/en-GB/products/search.php/?partno=0992114000

it's what i've got in my fender 60's strat and they're awesome for Blues, Light Rock (rush, big country and pink floyd) and you can get some exceptional Hendrix tones out of them too.

i initially went to the shop to buy a standard strat and texas specials and throw the TS's into the strat before i picked up the 60's strat just because i had also heard good things about the '69 pickups too and to be honest it blew the TS's out the water for what i wanted them for. (played the TS's on a roadworn strat in the shop through the same amp etc) so i'd reccomend you also had a look at the '69 p-ups as well.
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the tex mex are a bit lightweight compared to the TS's. i've got the latter in a US standard strat, they are good versatile pickups with plenty of punch.
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lollar blackfaces is what you want. and worth saving for.

texas specials are nice too, tex mex are crap.
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why not have a look at the 69 custom set. i bought these on monday, easy to install and sound great. very impressed.
i too was looking at the texas specials but got recomended the 69' set by a couple on this site, and they were spot on. especially if you like pink floyd or jimi hendrix type stuff.
Texas specials pack a punch I've got them and love them, really good for blues, you can really nail them srv sounds with them!
Tex-Mex are okay they're just not what most people expect them to be. People want Texas Specials but cheaper and that's not what they're meant for. They're meant to have a standard medium single coil sound with just a little more output than most singles. The Texas Specials are hotter and they're wound to have more mids and bass. So it depends what tone you want.