Hey, my band Spicy Mojo (we're aged 14-15) has been working on some original material, we've so far got 2 of those songs up on youtube, and were looking for some actual criticism apart from 'sounds good man'.

This one is my lyrical/vocal work

'Spidermen' http://www.myspace.com/spicymojoband
if you find that version is too quiet, here's a live version

And this is our new members lyrical and vocal work, 'The Boundary'
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Just had a listen to The boundary.
The band is good, i like the guitar and percussion parts.
I really struggle with the singer though, i mean i can't hear a word of what he is singing.
Maybe turn him up or something? Cos i like the guitar.. i'd like to hear what the whole song is like with the singing a bit louder.

Which one are you dude?
I'm listening to spiderman.
I think that musically it's a great grundge-ish tune! The chorus melody is kinda catchy, but the problem is that it seems (in my personal opinion) that the singer is perhaps trying to sound like someone else? Maybe it's just me, but he reminds me a bit of Kurt Cobain...just a little too much.

It would be OK, since a lot of people have done that sucessfully but in his case, it seems that he focuses too much on getting the tone "right" rather than actually singing the lyrics.

Why not asking him to try singing the same thing but as clear as possible and as precise pitch-wise as possible! Try it the next time you guys are rehearsing, it might suck but it might also open up a door to a brand new sound!

Ok so, I'm almost taking it all back now after listening to "The Boundary".
This sounds much more unique and I really liked the intro/main riff!
I'm not sure if it's the same dude singing, but he's singing very clear here. But once again, you can't hear a word he's singing - just the melody. He needs to work on his accentuation, and you guys need to turn up the highs/high mids on the mixerboard for his mic!

Overall, you guys were better than I expected. Musically - I think you are very good. You can obviously work on becoming a bit tighter but who doesn't!

Keep it up and you'll definatly be going places in a couple of years Throw yourselves out of the rehearsal room and do more gigs! It's really the best way to become better IMO!