I want to start playing to drum tracks so that i can get a feel for what genre i want to stick with. The question is, what would be suitable to use? Do any of you guys know of any free drum track software, or should i just use guitar pro and play along to that?
Why use drum tracks for that? Surely it would be easier to listen to a whole load of music until you end up saying to yourself "You know what? THAT is awesome. I want to be able to do THAT.". If you don't feel like you can stick to one genre then why do that?
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What Zaphod said.

If you like songs from different generes learn them, the more different stuff you can learn the more well rounded you´ll get as a guitarist.

That´s what most people do and that´s what make every guitarist unique, me and my friend for example. He likes playing Metal and classical. So you can hear from his sound. I like playing Metal,Funk, Jazz and Blues. Therefor you might catch a little of every style like that in my playing.

Simple answear though, if you like something: Learn it. There is no point not learning anything you like cause it´s a different genre then the one you play.