this is my band i guess you could call us a jam band we've been around for maybe 6 months. the drummer and i personally came from playing in metal bands but decided to go a different route. we dont have any good recordings yet just videos. and some lame recordings we did when we got drunk one night lol. but give us a listen plz


hmmmmm, i like it. there's definitely a raw, kind of 'fun' about it, but not in a nickelback way or anything. in a chili peppers way.

there's some good material on the facebook page, the bass/guitar/drums dont just mash up into one sound like most bands, but they all carry their own little pulse, it's great.

you all seem to play your instruments well enough, particular the drummer. strengthen up the vocal cords a bit on some high notes, give it some power, and you'll be a very good band.
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My bands called It Varies, we aim to play punk but often go a bit heavier. We're pretty well known in our local area. Heres a link to an amatuer recording of an original.


Check us out on facebook

Dude, it's a dick move to promote YOUR band on someone else's thread without at least giving SOME input towards the TS...

On topic though, I love the name and the songs sound decent dude. You guys should really look into getting some decent recordings down cause the quality of the ones you have are poor...
thanks for the input everyone. and its cool i kinda wanted this post to be a "like mine, and i'll like yours lol so promoting your own band here is ok