so a year ago I made a song for some guitar competition in Croatia,and then forgot the password to my yt acount.but today I accidentally found it,and it isn't so bad as I remember it was.
it could be played better but I hadn't enough time to practice it and I had to recorded at my friends place since I don't have the proper equipment to record...ignore the cheesey letters
In the beginning, the third note you hit, was wickedly out of tune, and is out from there on in, but its actually a pretty solid song for a first.... The drums come in and overshadow everything, including the lead guitar, which isn't good. Its a gated snare sound, I presume? It needs to come down, its far too loud. The lead suffers from Too-Many-Words-Syndrome, there are just too many licks presented too quickly for it to be memorable.

I usually use For The Love Of God as a basis to test guitar instrumentals for TMW Syndrome... He starts off pretty simply, re-uses a bunch of the same licks, and gradually adds things in to make it more complex, eventually hitting a climax in complexity. You've got that climax in complexity, but the curve is a bit awkward.

Don't get me wrong, its a solid song from the technical point of view, but it just wasn't particularly memorable, and you've probably gotten much better now.

My guitar playing isn't particularly technical, but C4C?