First thing I thought when I heard those keys... Mr. Rudess, you there?

It really does have a DT charm to... Random fade out? Okay, thats another part. OH, I see what you're doing here! Its a PROMO, so these are all different songs!

This sounds, like I said, quite a bit like DT, and as individual songs they sound like they're well put-together, but its really difficult to critique them on a musical basis because we've only got parts of whole songs. You seem very in-touch with your prog though.

I'm listening to the next song, BTW, because I really like this... But I'm a bit sad that I can't tie your promo to the mast and give it my typical 40-lashings...

This song, Eyes... The drums are really up in the mix a bit. They're good, but I can barely hear the guitars. The voice is mixed in pretty well, but its being overshadowed by the drums as well. And that's all I've got.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1467883
Well I'm glad someone responded and what a response !

I realize it's quite confusing as the first track is just a snippet of the entire piece (which totals about 9 minutes odd) It's all in demo stage really at the moment (due to be properly mixed etc by the end of September) so I understand you critiquing the mixes and yeah we are rather into the prog (and metal) stuff ! DT, Pain of Salvation, Opeth and the older stuff too.

I guess I'm glad you can't give it the usual run through I guess we're doing something right !

As for your track I like it, I feel as though some of the sections go on for a bit too long sometimes but they seem to build well - there's room for more variation and dynamics between the sections I would say. But overall I like it as it's something different; Which is always good !
loads of proggyness! always nice to hear haha. the playing is interesting and fun to listen to, tones are good and mixings not too bad. i like the bits of keys in there too. The final bit youve got in here is really nice, good stuff. c4c? id recommend multitudes if you do just one: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=27857749#post27857749