I got Laney LG35R, and when i turn all of tone controls on 0 it cuts the sound completly. The other amp i have don't work that way. Do anyone have this type of thing on there amps and is it normal or there is something wrong with mine.
it sounds like it works like a fender tone circuit where you can only cut sound which if you filter out everything would leave you with nothing but it might have a short somewhere i just modded my vht special 6 to have this same tone circuit and it did that but after using it a little it stopped maybe the pots are dirty and you should turn them a few times and see if it helps
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i have that same thing with my head. How is ur master volume looking? At low volumes mine would cut out but the second i uped the gain it started to come through
Majes, that is normal. There are different tone circuits (called "tone stacks" because of the way the controls are usually drawin in the schematic) that operate differently. The Fender-style tone stack will cut out the signal completely with all tone controls on 0, whereas the Marshall-style will not. Those two are in fact both passive (cut-only) circuits and are nearly identical, the only difference being some component values and the way the mid pot is wired.
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Thanks guys.

Yeah i think that's the thing with mine.
And David-vbhc it dont't matter what volume i play. But when the reverb is cranked i get some sound from it even with the tone shut down.