hi guys. is it possible to print headstock decals in a abalone style print. if so how do you do it. I mean the actual abalone effect in photo-shop or similar. many thanks.
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i use inkscape - svg creator/editor although not tried it for this type of thing. but reading your question i wondered how it could be done also.. trying out the following on the gibson decal just now. will attatch a pic once done

it would involve scanning in your desired decal design. going around the outside of the decal and filling in the centre of it with a filter (image) of the abalone..
changing the outline storke to have no solid stroke colour.. leaving you with the decal text in the abalone style
using the filters in inskape - 3d mother of pearl. only thing in there that resembles abalone

aside from printing out the decal. you could cut the decal from abalone veneer sheet?
glue to headstock. cover with tape. spray your colour coat (assuming your doing a solid colour)
untape., clear coat.

ad a head veneer the same thickness as the abalone sheet. inlay the abalone sheet into the head veneer. clear coat finish
many thanks Dave8706. I'll give it a try.

just need to have a steady hand and to learn how to use inkscape now.
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i cant get inkscape to draw around the outline with auto filling.
i am trying to do a prs signature by the way.
use the "draw besels and curves.. (above the fountain pen on the left) on the top of the window. select to draw "paraxial lines. make a box bog enough to fit around each name on the sig.
bottom right of the screen. right click next to strok. change to MM and a width of .75mm

add nodes and place around the sig and shape. once done. goto Filters. meterials. 3d mother of pearl.

i could do it .send you the file. for you to scale to the size you need.
a link to the signature is needed though
no problem.
i ran into problems the first time around. unlike the gibson. the prs sig has inner white parts of some letters.
found a way to work around it. should have it done within the next 24 hours