Hi there everybody, basically I want a better amp than my current Mustang 1 practice amp, so let me get straight to the point:

I play everything from blues to metal and... no actually, that's not true at all. I don't really play a lot of styles. My favorite bands are Devo, Buzzcocks and Jethro Tull and I'm really looking for a good rock/punk tone, most likely british (Bob 1 of Devo used a WEM combo, Buzzcocks used HH and Marshall JMP amps, Martin Barre of Jethro Tull used Hiwatt). If you listen to the opening guitar solo(ish) of Jethro Tull's Minstrel in the Gallery, that's as heavy as I'll go. So I'll need nothing very heavy, in fact I don't want anything too heavy. Good cleans aren't really necessary as when it comes to clean tones I'm mainly an acoustic player.

Budget/new or used

Even though I'm young and unemployed, I do have a small steady income (welfare ftw) so I am able to save up some money if that's necessary, but I'd rather not go over $1000. Also I will most likely be buying used.

Current gear

I will be playing through and old '75 Gibson Marauder. It's sturdy and the tonewood is just fine, but the pickups could be better and I will most likely be buying new ones after I get a good amp.

Playing situation/home or gig?
I am currently living in an apartment, BUT there are places around town for hire where I will be able to crank the amp and practice with other people. As anyone, in the future I want to be gigging.

I live in Sweden, Värmland county, of course I'd prefer to pick something up locally, but basically anything in Sweden would be possible. Outside of Sweden, not so much since amps weigh a ton and almost no one is willing to ship overseas.

Thank y'all in advance!

EDIT: By the way, I'd really prefer a combo, something like a 2x12.
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i would suggest a Laney AOR 50 or 100, it's a single channel tube amp and they are repetitively cheap.
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I'd check out the lunch box amps, tiny terror, night train, transatlantic. Probably something with a british-ier sound. You have otpions in your price range. Since currently youre playing at home and small practice/gigs I wouldn't go more than 20-30 watts and even that could be a problem if its non master and you have to crank it to get some breakup. I'm not sure whats available to you.
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^ +1. i would also very highly recccomend a blackstar. i was jamming on an ht 45 today and it sounded awesome. you could definitely get away with the ht 20 if that suits you better but its got really great tone and the price should work for you