look, i know these sort of thread r everywhere now, but still i got confused n indecisive between these two axes. I always got second thoughts everytime i decided. So pls, anyone shed some light to this poor soul. All respective owners or past-owners r welcomed to shoot pros n cons. N pls, dont give the "i hate ibanezs" or "i hate schecters" views. I need honest opinion about these two specifically.

Thnx in advance..
i'd go with the schecter omen extreme 6. i have a regular omen 6, and i love it. it's held up for many years now, and still plays like it's brand new. and i play every single day on it. schecter makes quality products. and i've heard bad things about the lower end RG's.
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btw, i already got a pair of dimarzio dactivator ready to be installed.. So, pickups aside, which ones better?
Go with the Ibanez. The necks are great and the 321 is simply an nice-looking little guitar.
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