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Are any of you familiar with the Lag brand of guitars? Specifically the Jet series. I have someone willing to sell me a Lag Jet 500(nice mid-range guitar) for a bargain but I'm kind of unsure. The problem being I have no idea whether or not it actually is a 500-because as far as pictures are concerned it looks exactly like its budget brother the Lag Jet 100.

They don't seem to have serial numbers or markings on the headstock to differentiate between the two guitars. I've figured that tremelo on the 500 is Wilkonson branded so that's one way to check.

Is there any other identifying characteristics for these guitars other than (hopefully) the difference in sound.

Obviously I won't buy without a healthy dose of inspection on the guitar.

The JV500

The JV100

The colour difference seems to be camera settings from what I've seen around the net.
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The only difference I can see is that the 500 appears to have different tuners.
Might just be the picture though
The jet 500 models have mother of pearl inlays, the jet 100 models have acrylic inlays.

Also are you sure the bottom one is a jv100 ? last time I checked Lag only made the jv100 in black with a white pickguard.
jv 100
Solid Basswood body
Bolt-on Maple neck
Rosewood reinforcement rail for neck-body alignment
Maple fingerboard
24 Medium frets
LAG high precision machine-heads
Ivory Pickguard
3 LAG Alnico-V single coil pickups
Standard tremolo
1 volume and 1 tone
5-way pickup selector
Nickel finish hardware
Gloss finish

jv 500
- Mechanical: Self-locking with automatic cutting of the cord
- Nut: Graphite lubricated
- Stem Adjustment: Double meaning
- Neck: Maple (Hard Rock Maple), screwed, guided reinforcement body-neck rosewood exclusive system Lâg
- Fingerboard: Maple speckled
- Frets: 24 Jim Dunlop USA, Silver, Nickel, Medium
- Benchmarks: Mother-of-pearl
- Body: Swamp ash (Book-matched)
- Pickguard: Cream
- Pickups: 3 DiMarzio Kit Virtual Vintage single-coil
- Vibrato: Wilkinson-Gotoh Original
- Electronics: 1 volume + 1 tone, 5 mics selector positions
- Hardware: Nickel
- Finish: High gloss

this took some finding. hope it helps
^Lag have to get their shit together online as far as I'm concerned. They have different sites for different markets and they all offer different things- actual online guitar shops have different stuff on offer again. It's a real mess.

Cheers whoomit and cowboy, I'm too tired to have noticed that by myself.