In another thread many people have been suggesting the marshall JCM800. But after a look at the amp, I have a question: can I switch between clean and distortion with just one click?
Depends on which model. The 2203/2204 models are single channel. These are the best sounding ones.
The 2205/2210 models are two channels that you can switch between. However, they are nowhere near as good an amp. This was their first excursion into SS diode clipping, a technology that was dispensed with after the much maligned JCM900 took it to extremes resulting in a fizzy mess.
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No. The JCM 800 is a single channel amp.

Guitars have volume pots for cleaning up the dirty flavor.

Edit.... I entirely forgot about the 2205 and 2210 as catbeard has pointed out. I honestly don't consider it a meat and bone JCM 800 though, it's easily forgettable among the Marshall lineup. IMO.
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