so i've never had to sell tickets until this gig my band just got for august 30. he said he would send us 20 tickets which were $8 a piece. We keep $2 per ticket sale, or $4 per ticket if we sell more than 20.

does anyone have any advice for selling tickets? and how exactly does selling tickets work? do we handle all the money and give it to the venue or what?
I would just feel weird asking the venue these kinds of questions.
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Network over facebook and other social avenues, be annoying and persistent. People may hate it, but you don't want to get the whole "I didn't know you were selling tickets!" speech. As far as keeping money, just put it in an envelope up until the day of the show.
just ask everyone you know and be very persistent. if you are stuck in a rut, family members will always help out if you're in a bind. never count them out. haha
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Sounds like a pay to play thing that clubs started doing in the 80's so that they didn't have to pay for a band and then make no money from it by not selling any tickets. I'd just ask the venue, they should explaind it better to you. And if you'r getting paid by the venue aswell as the money you make from the tickets I'd just give the tickets away. Its the venues problem for not selling the tickets. Otherwise just give one ticket away and sell another ticket to there freind for $16 since they wouldn't want to go alone.