Hey y'all,

I'm currently looking around on internet to see if I can find a good deal on a Epi LP Special TV yellow and I found this :

It's 40€ cheaper than the "new" one. They say it's "as new" but with no info on scratches or whatnot.

Seems dodgy... What would you do ?
It was probably a display model, or customer return.
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dv247 are good, they don't bs you. You could phone them up and ask why it is discounted. It's most likely a guitar that someone bought and then returned within a week or that has been on display for a while but isn't actually damaged. But I'd trust them. If they say it's as-new then go for it.
Oh you know the website! cool I thought it was some weird never-heard-of before thing. Have you bought a guitar from them?
The ad says product return and "as new" condition. they are still offering up the warranty for it so why not?.
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The thing is the postage for return is on me, and sending a guitar from France to UK is gonna cost a lot..