Looking to consolidate down to gear I'll actually use, I love trades but will always consider cash offers. I can add cash on my end (thank yooooooou refund check), so feel free to e-mail me and we can work something out. titancaleb@yahoo.com.

1. Squier/Jay Turser Jazzmaster. Fun little hybrid guitar, it has a maple neck from a Squier strat (Not sure exactly what model, but definetely better than an affinity or something else cheapo), and a blue Jay Turser jazzmaster-esque body. 3 P90 pickups. 5 way pickup selector, volume/tone, and three tone selector switches.

2. Xaviere XV-600 It's a seafoam green color, with a maple neck. Has some various dings and wear, but nothing horrible. Sounds great and plays great

3. Ovation CC057 acoustic/electric-Wine red finish, slim body, on-board volume/EQ. Plays great, I'm just wanted to try out something else.

What I'm interested in

*Epiphone Les Paul Custom white/gold

*An Electro Harmonix Freeze pedal (No other pedals please)

*Fender MIM strat (maple neck prefered)

*Small tube amp with speaker output (Vox AC4TV would be great.)

However, if you have anything guitar-related to trade, shoot me an e-mail, worst I can do is say no. E-mail address is once again titancaleb@yahoo.com

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