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Jackson DK2
8 23%
USED Charvel San Dimas
19 54%
Used Jackson RR3
4 11%
B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST
4 11%
Voters: 35.
Alright this is a follow up to my previous two posts, and this one will have one final poll.

Once again i play hair metal, classic rock, classic heavy metal (ie. metallica). I have an Epi Les Paul Standard Plus, and I'm looking for a guitar with a double locking trem. These are my top 4.

Jackson DK2 Dinky

USED Charvel San Dimas

USED Jackson RR3
Couldn't find any used ones right now, but i'll keep looking, you all probably know what a rhoads looks like.

B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST

Peace yall you've been great help, and if you guys have any extra opinions on any of the guitars, feel free to give em up.

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San Dimas all the way, my friend. It's elegant, and can do all of those genres with ease.
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i would go for the charvel, assuming you don't mind going used and check it out to make sure it's in good nick and legit
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charvel. very solid guitars that play and sound great. has decent resale value as well.
Might i add that since my Epi is my only guitar, i might be better off with the mockingbird, according to everyone in the last forum.
Warren Demartini is GOD, face it.
well after looking at your username and your sig, there isn't really that much to think about
charvel is the way to go! i'm currently GASing for one myself
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