suck your thumb
until the rot attracts flies,
busy your hands

never die;

an amputee strung up between crevices,
tubes and the needles,
white walls and baby blue curtains,
teething rings;

and oh look an infant in my arms!
(but what should I do with him?)

scabs on his wrists are leather,
doctor says we all got a slight case of stigmata,
says he's just a modern tarot card reader
and that little bo peep is a parable
demonstrating our guilt for forgetting where we misplaced our Father

but i know he's around here somewhere
and if you know whats good for you
you'll busy your hands

there's a dishwasher moving and it's twelve years ago,

you're pounding the front door down while
lillies are poking through the three feet of snow,

there's grease from your broken cadillac running down your canines,
and mom's hiding in the cupboard with court documents strapped to her chest
like a mathematical postulate

but all laws are avoidable if your faith in revenge is strong enough

for leaving you singing martyrdom gurgles through a straw,
sinking in the tar flows;

so you busy your hands,
breaking atoms, undoing gravity,
float to the second floor of the condo, crash through the frosted window
(and the heat tries to escape but you busy your hands and reverse the flow)

thick fingers on my neck

and i busy my
hands reversing the
hands of the giant clock lodged in the moon
but i still haven't been able to pull anything free

I made you when I taught god to stand
and sit,

take a load off,
calibrate your meaning to the rhythm of my voice:

your eyelids are getting heavy,
your knees are getting weak,
and my hands are getting tired
as I reconstruct both of our faces while you sleep

if you see me around town sing me some poetry that goes like

"busy your hands,
lost in the mine,
we're all plastered to the cover
of the almanac of the divine;

we are all on life support.
time does not exist.
there is nothing worse in this world
than a makeshift God
with a broken wrist"
a little preachy, mostly on point. weirds me out that Amy Winehouse is at all involved with this sentiment in you.
dug it.
I want Super Saiyan abilities