The track is 4th from the top, named "Unnamed'. It doesn't currently have vocals over the top, or a name, but I hope you guys enjoy it.

This was done fairly sloppily and the drums haven't had much thought put into them, on top of a hastily done mix. However, any comments and criticism are welcome.

C4C, thanks alot.
You're intro is probably one of the best I've heard on here for a long time! I think your drums are way to high up in the mix, it kinda drown out some of the guitar parts. I think I would boost your guitars a little too. I think this has ALOT of potential though, if you add some lyrics to it this it would be amazing. Please let me know if you add lyrics to it, I would love to get to hear it. Your song builds on itself expertly. This is just a great piece. Good job!!!!!

c4c- https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1468522
That first droning note is annoying for me. After that, much better. I agree the timing sometimes sounds sloppy. I like the guitar chords & the basic drum beat (turn up the electric bass some). I suggest adding vocals & spending more time on this to make it sound tighter, and then you'll have something nice. Please review my music at this link:

As I'm not experienced at all in recording or mixing or anything, I can forgive the sloppiness and say that I really like the song. I agree with everyone else saying that I'd love to hear some lyrics, and as a bass player, more bass as well. I also agree with aaron that the first note..well, I'm ok with it, the tone just seems too thin, but once the intro comes in the tone is fine.

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