Hey there... I've been bored this summer so I'm deciding to take my Squier Standard Stratocaster and turn it into an Eddie guitar (a milestone if you will to many guitarists)... Plus I get to know guitar construction more intimately...

Anyway... I have all the strings off, all the tuning pegs off, neck off, scratch plate off, bridge off and all the electronics (pickups, pickup switch, input jack) are unscrewed... Now the tricky part... I'm not knowledgeable at all on all these wires, how to safely remove them and put them on, etc... How do I get all this crap out of my body to paint and thusly get all this crap back in... And when I do this how do I take the 2 tone pots (I think that's what they're called) out and only have the volume with the Tone knob, a la Mr. Van Halen...

Any help on my wiring needs will be greatly appreciated... And the help I'll get for my future questions is greatly appreciated as well!
everything is attatched to the scratchplate??
pop off the control knobs. take off the bolts holding the pots in.
the only wires you need to take off is the jack socket
you can cut them off or de-solder.. the bare wire is ground.. the shielded wire is hot/live
So do I snip off the two tone pots or leave em in and just not put a knob on em or what's the best way?
The best way is to desolder them and remove them, and then resolder a new wiring scheme that uses only the Volume Pot. Are you using just one Humbucker, ala EVH?

EDIT: 1 Humbucker, 1 Volume, EVH Style: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=1hum_1vol

Use this site for almost any wiring scheme you can imagine: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/
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Right now I have 3 single coils, but eventually I'm hoping to get the 1 Gibson humbucker
If you are on a budget, get a GFS VEH, they also sell pickguards on the cheap. www.guitarfetish.com The VEH is supposed to mimic Eddies Hot PAF that he had in his Frankenstrat, I own one and it sounds very good.

If you are running SSS, I would just keep the wiring as stock until you upgrade to just the bridge pickup.
Oh man that's perfect Wylde...

And quick subject change... In regards to my finish... I looked my guitar up on the Squier website and it said something about a polyurethane finish... So is that the thick clear coat or is that lacquer and the paint is polyurethane?
check out the link in my description.
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check out the link in my description.

So did your Starcaster have the polyurethane coating? Because I don't want to have to buy paint thinner and poly stripper if paint thinner alone would do the job...

EDIT: Nevermind... We got through the clear coat... So I was reading through your thing and you put clear coat on... Is that like the thick stuff I'm getting through or what? Because I read Edward didn't put anything over his spray paint... Or am I wrong on that?
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