Hello UG,

I just finished this song literally 10 minutes ago after a lightening fast recording session, and I would love your opinion on it. It's called "The Story of You and Me", and it's at the top of my profile. Any thoughts you folks have for improving it--as it is a bit rough as is--would be greatly appreciated, and I'll happily listen to whatever you all have been working on!

Thanks, and keep rocking!


P.S. My work schedule is crazy for the next few days, so it may take a bit for me to C4C back, but I PROMISE I'll do my best to help you folks out!

Edit: Whoops! Forgot the link to my profile lol

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Thanks for that, appreciated man. BTW some of those sweeps were really unnecessary (and weren't even written for it) I just was a bit of a show off back then hehe. But thanks anyway for the kudos.

Just saying this, I'm not that metal head that bashes every other genre.. This is a real good song. I couldn't tell you much what I think of it in a technical sense or anything, but I can say that I really enjoy this. You play your guitar well, singing fits, and it builds up all pretty nicely. Be happy that you wrote this, it's real good And keep this up