I'm writing this page to apologize. I've been banned a few times, received a lot of warnings. I realize that I may have thought myself funnier than I actually am. It was all in good fun. Done simply to beget a few smiles. I apologize to all of you, I sincerely do. How about a great big hug??? Hugs to all???
BTW (that's an acronym for 'by the way' for all you non-internet types) how about getting this thread stickied?
Quote by supersac
apology accepted(i dont know what this is about)

Read his posts mate.

and TS.... I forgive you.
NOOOOOOOOO! your posts and threads are Soo funny, I mean it!! Please carry on! Your: "which guitar should I buy" thread made me laugh for ages.... **** YOU!!! DONT YOU DARE APOLOGIZE..... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE CARRY ON MAKING ME LAUGH OR I WILL TERRORIZE THE PIT, HAGALAUFIWASHLIPABLOMBOLDOOF!!!!!!!!!
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What the hell wcy123?

Can't we have one thread without these spamming jerks. This thread was a heartfelt apology. Woe is me!! WOE IS ME!!!!!!