I wrote this awhile ago, but I never could make anything with it that I really liked. This is one of my favorite riffs, though, and I really wanna do something cool with it. I also worked out a neat strum pattern/chord thingy that sounds cool, but it's all basically worked off this riff.

Anyone have any ideas?


ETA - Sorry about the weak youtube video and recording, I didn't know how else to host it...
Cool riff, it's definitely got a Metallica-like vibe to it.

I think that it'd be cool if at around the :40 second mark you keep the same type of thing going but make it more major sounding as opposed to minor, like something based of a major arpeggio might sound cool.
It's already quite a nice riff but if you wanted you could slowly build tension and speed, It would also be cool to add hammer ons and pull offs, just don't go crazy and start shredding, that'll ruin it. It's already nice but the stuff I said is usually what seperates a popular song from a nice onerr that you'll get bored of after listening to it twice
Thanks guys! I have to watch the kids tonight, so after I get them to bed, I'm gonna head back to the studio and try out your suggestions. I'm not a really good guitar player, lol, I've always just been passable. I should post up the original songs we made out of them. We made it a 2 part.

The first part was basically the riff I posted, played a couple times with vocals over it. The second part is where we picked up the tempo and strummed it. The band was pretty much very hard rock/metal, and I wrote the 2 part song pretty much by myself, and it didn't really match the rest of our set, so we didn't use it much. I always thought it had more potential than what we used it for, though.

I'll post up the originals and toy around with you guys' ideas in just a bit, thanks for the input!

ETA: Alex, it's cool that you mentioned Metallica, cause they were my first major influence as far as bands go. Back then, I listened to them and Creed (HUGE Tremonti fan, that guy is a legend, lol).

What is it you mean by "Major Appregio"? Again, I'm not that good of a guitarist. I taught myself, and I don't mean using books and DVDs, I mean listening to a song then playing it, so I never learned all the good stuff, lol. That's going to be a big part of my focus moving forward. I haven't played in years, and I really want to get back into it and learn right. Thinking about even taking formal lessons, lol!
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at the end of the riff Just hit a low Eb (sounds like it was tuned down a half step) and then leave silence for a measure or two. that might be a good way to transition into the next part of the song.

maybe you could repeat it a couple times and then when your ready to move on hit the open Eb, let it ring, then transition to the next part.
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Yeah, I originally wrote it in Drop C, but I have this new love affair with half step down tuning, lol, so that's what I recorded it in for the video.
Damnit, I think the biggest part of my problem is that I can't hear it any other way than how we put it together years ago. I'm talking lyrics, vocal melody, everything. Maybe it's just doomed to be the one that got away, lol!

Alternatively, maybe I need to just try to re-record it in a new tuning. When we recorded it before, it was in a ratty-ass basement studio at some dudes house. We paid $100 to record a 4 song demo to pass out at shows, and you can definitely hear it in the quality of the production...
I don't really have anything to offer other than I liked it lol. I thinking simply adding a drum beat to go with it would take it a long way. I know from a personal stand point, also being self taught, that sometimes it's easy to try and make the guitar bit do more than it needs to because once you add in more instruments, any complexities could make it muddy. So my comment would simply be try and figure out a beat to go with it, then go from there.
That's kinda what I was thinking, I'm just gonna re-record it. I'll have to figure out what the hell my bass player did back then, then transpose that to my new tuning, and I'll have to use midi for drums.

I'll see if the wife will let me have a little free time tomorrow to work on it.