Im planning to mod an Ibanez S7420.
http://www.ibanez.com/ElectricGuitars/model-S7420 <-- Heres the pickup scheme
What I plan on doing is to change the pickups.
Since the guitar has a 5Way switch it got a bit complicated.
I thought that I could leave the original splittable neckpickup for a singlecoil sound and put a Dimarzio Evolution 7 in the bridgeposition. The Evolution 7 isnt splittable so this got me confused, How would it work with the switch? I only use 3 ways and I have no clue how to wire a switch.
And I also planned to put a PAF 7 in the neckposition if the original splittable thing didnt work out.
Should I do it like this or should I mod some other guitar that is more suitable for this?
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