I got this an ESP LTD MH-250NT. That has been customized. The original emg humbucker on the neck position has been swapped out for an EMG-HZ humbucker pickup. The bridge has a regular EMG pickup. Here is the thing. The EMG-HZ sounds kind of muddy when I select the neck position with the pickup switch. I am wondering if it is possible to swap the positions of the two pickups. Meaning putting the EMG-HZ in the bridge position, and the EMG in the neck position.
bridge pickups are usually higher output than neck ones. So you might have volume issues.

since the strings move less closer to the bridge, which would create a smaller electrical signal, the bridge pickups output is usually higher than the neck pickup.

So if you change them you might have a loud neck pickup and a quiet bridge pickup...
You can, but usually the bridge is the clearer and higher output pickup, and putting the neck in the bridge prolly wont help with the muddiness.

The EMH HZ series are not the best pickups, if you want passive EMG's, I recommend you get the SRO series, much much better than the HZ's.
Well this guitar came with what it has in it. I honestly didn't even know how good the EMG-HZ was/wasn't. I plan to have a major upgrade for the pickups when I get the money, but right now I am flat broke. I want to stick with humbuckers, but I want a pair that are really top quality if I am to pay money for em' I am looking at a pair of seymour duncan ahb-1 blackout humbuckers with metal cover gold.
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