I've always been curious to how you do it I mean I've not looked
into it but to me it can't be as simple as uploading the songs on and all the details obviously you need some way to receive the money so someone explain how to do it please?
you can pay some websites so put your music up on loads of music stores, just google "put your own music on itunes" or something
First, open a PayPal account.... next...
Join CDBaby and authorize Digital Downloads... upload your artwork and wav files... soon your album will be EVERYWHERE, including iTunes.
Tell CDBaby to direct deposit your money into your PayPal account... and you're done.

This is the best single option because you set it up ONE time with your $35 fee and your product is distributed to all of CDBaby's partners worldwide. Plus, you get a Bar Code and ISRC's for every song, a CDBaby album page, and a band page. No brainer.
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There's a service called TuneCore that will put your music up on iTunes.

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If I was you.. I would check out RouteNote.com.. I have been using them for ages