Thoughts while the song is playing:
That weird keyboard sound at the start is an excellent hook, and I love the vocals. I could leave the second synth part that comes in though. I wish your vocals were slightly higher in the mix, since it is very hard to understand what you are saying. That said, it blends in with the other sounds incredibly well. Are those harmonies I hear? Or some vocal effect? Or both? Love when the instrumentation comes in, and the chorus in general. Excellent song I'd say, and very complete feeling. I'd say this is a good final product: I don't really have any ideas that would make the song more complete, so pat yourself on the back sir for a job well done! Hopefully someone else could give you more of a critique lol


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Thank you SchmifftyFive for listening and the kind words. I've lost perspective from listening to it over and over and it's hard to tell if the vocals are too quiet so I appreciate the fresh perspective. As for harmony - There's a major third on some parts in the second verse and chorus, and an octave above in the choruses. All the vocals are doubled but I didn't sing it twice, just duplicated the track and set one 5ms early panned left, and the other 5ms late panned right. Thank you again, I'm going to listen to yours now.