Holy crap.
Is it just me, or has Squier started sprinkling fairy dust all over everything they've made recently? I thought the VM Jazz and precision were tops quality for them until I saw this bass. Its exactly what I want, a Squier VM with the PJ setup and a cool looking body style to boot. And only 200 dollars! Thats 100 less than the VM Jazz. Anyone have any experience with these? Ive noticed some differences with the one I see on MF and the ones Ive been seeing on youtube. The ones on youtube seem to have a black body with a tortise shell pickguard and black headstock.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
Old news, you've been out of the game too long.

But seriously, Classic Vibe and Vintage Modified Squiers have outstripped the MIM Fenders so much that its ridiculous.
Corn-grats on your Jag-ee-wire,

I think the ones with the black head stock are short scale.

I think those Jags are pretty cool. I don't know much about
um though.

I got a new VM P bass with soft maple body and maple neck.
I got ROTO 77LD flats on it. The sound is to die for.

Got any Pics?

Oh no, I didnt actually get the bass, though I am highly considering it. They sound heavenly.
And yea, Spaz, Ive been out of the game for a while...
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
The neck on the Squier Jag VM short scale is one of the fastest necks I've ever played on. It's a Jazz bass width at the nut, but the neck is also fairly thin so you can fly over the fretboard. I believe the string spacing is 19mm at the bridge.
Remember... there are FOUR types of Squire Jaguar basses http://www.squierguitars.com/products/search.php?section=basses&cat=jaguarbass:

-VM Jaguar: P/J, Passive, 2 stacked Vol/tone vol/tone knobs. These are the black n'tort ones. They have matching black headstocks too. They have Duncan Designed pickups that are pretty damn good sounding. Neck has block inlays.

-VM Jaguar Shortscale: P/J, Passive, SHORTSCALE, 3 knob vol/vol/tone. Also have black headstocks, offered in three colors all with black pickguards. They play AMAZINGLY but the stock pups are 'meh'.

-VM Jaguar Special: P/J, ACTIVE, 4 knob Vol/Vol/Bass/Tone, normal headstocks, a few body color options, and all have black pickguards. Good sound!!

-VM Jaguar Special HB: Bridge Humbucker only, 4 knob Vol/mid/treb/bass, same colors/pickguards as the shortscale, normal headstock. These ones sound GREAT if you're in the market for a cheap 3-band EQ active bass!!
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Hahaha, thanks Din of Win, I went on Squier's site last night to see that, too. It was confusing the heck out of me with all of the different ones in youtube videos.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat