So I bought a Washburn X-series X10 at a yard sale for $40. The guitar is kinda crappy. Am I able to get an original floyd rose put on to it to replace the crappy tremolo system it has now? And can I get a tuner lock put on to it? I don't know too much about guitar, I'm self taught so I can play but I don't know the names for everything. I know most guitars with a FR have a locking system going across at the top not sure what it is called. All help is appreciated. Also how much would it cost to buy a floyd rose and the locking thing for my guitar? Would it be cheaper to just buy a new guitar with a floyd rose like a Dean, ESP, BC Rich, Jackson, or something?
Note: I play metal and this guitar is more jazz/rock tone sounding but through my line 6 amp it sounds pretty heavy, just kind of bass sounding. If the cost for the whole thing is more than like $200 then I'd rather just save for a Dean or Jackson. Debating on a Jackson V or a Dimebag Darrell Dean. Something that looks cool, sounds good, and has a floyd rose. Thanks again.
an original FR would cost you around $150 . having it installed would probably cost around $100 so already you are way over what the guitar is worth. keep the guitar as is and just use it ofr a beater or a spare.