I need help Identifying a bass. It is a jackson 5 string with 2 duncan pickups. It has the bolt on neck but I can not find any stamped serial number. It does have a sticker? with 311211817 on it. I've searched the whole darn guitar. I thought it was a CJ5 but that doesn't bring up anything in searches. It also has five nobs and a toggle switch. The color is so dark blue it looks black until the right light hits it. I'm looking for a way to attach picts but mine aren't small enough for this forum....
EDIT2: With that pickup config, I bet it's a Jackson C5MJ, but it probably had a switch put in. That's the only 5 string Jackson I found with that pickup configuration.
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Thank you, I knew it had a C5and a J in the model, I'm pretty broken up because I need to sell it. Haven't really been able to play since we had the kids. Any Idea's on the best way to remove stickers?
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