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Im looking at replacing the pre-amp tubes in my Blackstar HT-100. I can get JJs for about $16 each or Tung Sols for about $23 (Aussie dollars). I have heard that both of these are good but are the Tung Sols worth the extra cash??
I'd say no. In my experience, the JJ ECC83S is the best 12AX7 in current production, though they're a little bit dark. Unless you have the kind of amp that only sounds right with the treble and presence knobs on ten, I highly recommend 'em. Tung-Sols, on the other hand, are a wee bit harsh (in my oh so humble opinion) and have lower electrical tolerances--you can't, for example, use them as cathode followers unless you just really love fire.
Money beats soul every time.

Money beats soul...every time.

Money...beats soul...every...goddamn...time.
JJ are made better. Paying extra to get fake TungSols is crazy behaviour.
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Gotta say, no experience with Tungsols but JJ are highly revered and i just retubed my amp completley with JJ's (8 12ax7 and 6 6l6's) and im really happy with the sound
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I use both jjs and tung sol in my amp. Jjs sound delicious
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