Hi, help a fella out here?

I play most of the stuff I play at the moment in Drop D, but I'm finding a lot of songs that I want to play are in Drop C. However, I'm not sure my strings will stand up to the necessary tunage. I currently have the Ernie Ball "Skinny Top, Heavy Bottom" strings (gauges 10, 13, 17, 30, 42, 52) on my guitar, but I'm eyeing off getting the Beefy Slinkies (11, 15, 22p, 30, 42, 54) or the Not Even Slinkies (12, 16, 24p, 32, 44, 56) when next I need new strings.

What I want to know is;
- Will the "Skinny Top, Heavy Bottoms" be strong enough to withstand Drop C?
- If not, which of the other two would be a better choice for Drop C, and what is the difference in feel between the two? (My fingers are still relatively soft, if that helps), and lastly;
- Am I still going to be able to play in Drop D (and the odd song in standard) with the thicker strings?

If you're wondering why I'd be changing a lot, I only have the one guitar currently, a Legacy (a reasonably good starter guitar) imitation Fender Strat with floating bridge. I'm looking at getting a BC Rich for Christmas though, probably a Warlock or Warbeast or one of the "war" models.

first thing, gauges are set to the players liking. Personally i use a heavy bottom, light top because i like a tight low end but i like to be able to bend without destroying my hand. i use 54-10 in Eb (i play 7 string so i have a 65-70 on top but that doesnt really apply here)

saying that iv seen people use 45-9 in C before and 55-11 in drop D so its all about feel, personally if i wanted to play in C and D id get a set of 55-10 just so the high end will have some strength when in C but not be too though in D, the low end will be nice and tight whatever you go for.

Secondly . . . DO NOT GET A CHEAP B.C.RICH

by the comment 'my fingers are still relatively soft' its preatty safe to say that you are a beginner and therefor think that B.C.Rich's look badass and therefor play that way when in reality any rich under about £600 is terrible.

Hate to be so blunt but you will look back in a few years and regret getting one, you can get so much better for the money and something that doesnt look terrible either

Look into Schecter or LTD/ESP something along those lines, or Agile if you are US based!
Unless you feel that you HAVE to play to the original recordings, there is very little reason to tune from drop-d to drop-c. One tuning = the other tuning +/- a whole step (two frets).

Also, when buying cheap guitars, try buying guitars without a tremolo system, as cheap tremolos tend to worsen tuning stability.
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yeah, I'm looking for ones without a tremolo cos I just don't use it. I like the look of a Schecter Hellraiser, actually