First is first, I have no idea if this is the section this thread would belong in, so sorry if any confusion....
But I recently found out how to hook my guitar up to my macbook, which has the Garageband program (it's one of the older versions), and all of the presets suck on it, does anyone know what to do to get like a Metallica, thrash tone out of it?
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I use my Mac, and I actually use Logic.

Garageband is a great program, I just need more power and effects for it. I don't know what your budget is, but I highly recommend that you use a firewire interface (I use a Presonus Firestudio... 8 inputs). As for tone? It will just take many many hours of playing with it. That or get a decent mic with the interface to record straight from the amp.

It is possible to get a decent tone after playing with all the amp and pedal models though. I promise.

Check out my bands song: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1465942

We did it all on my Mac through Logic and the Presonus Firestudio... the only thing that would be different is the capability to be more stable with more tracks and more track effects to play with.

Thanks man.
I would definitely recommend a Digitech RP255 multi effects pedal or something along those lines... If you want to go cheaper, theres cheaper versions and other effects pedals out there. If you have more money, you can get a separate distortion pedal along with the multi effects processor to make sure you really get what you want. Does that make sense?
oh haha. well how is your guitar hooked up to your mac, and are you sure your gain settings are good?
Line-out cable going from the headphone jack on my Digitech, going to the microphoneinput on my mac. lol, I rigged it. xD
A good idea would be to get an interface for your Mac, since it'll vastly increase the fidelity of your recordings. Does your Macbook have firewire? If yes look at the Focusrite Saffire interfaces, they have great pre-amps and convertors for the money and are in my opinion the best interfaces in their price range.

If your budget is really limited have a look at the Line 6 interfaces, the UX-2 and such. They are good starter interfaces and as a bonus they come with the POD Farm plug-in so you'll be able to get your Thrash tones easily with minimal effort.

I'd also move away from Garageband, mostly because (powerful as it maybe) Reaper is much better, has an unlimited, unrestricted trial and only costs $40 to buy a license.

If you have a good amp then a microphone is also a good idea, I recommend the Shure SM57 since it's great on guitars and has multiple applications.

Finally go to the Andy Sneap forum on Ultimate Metal and read all the stickies in the production section, you'll certainly learn more in those threads than here. Here's a link so you have no excuse not to look at them: http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/production-tips-449/. Also the Fearedse (Ola Englund) video's on youtube are incredibly helpful: http://www.youtube.com/user/fearedse

Obviously that was all based on the assumption you want to spend some money on recording. If not then what you are currently getting out your digitech pedal into the line in is unfortunately as good as it's going to get without spending some cash on an interface at the least.
POD Studio GX will probably be your best bet if all you want to record is guitars. It's affordable and comes with PodFarm which will get you better tones than anything stock in GarageBand.