I don't care what format you give it to me in but I need some help, and yes...I will make it worth your while $$$. I am trying to look at this video in slow motion and trying to learn this song. If you can give me the intro riff only that would be cool!! Yes, I will donate to you through paypal or something just help me please. Here is the link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy9xMyYPazk&feature=related
yeah that is a good one to learn to, but i really like the song night after night. Well this is how I think the intro starts off.


its in standard and there is a lot of sliding chords. Not sure if there are more notes being played in that, but I am glad that you guys are looking into this for me

EDIT:This is a better video of what I am trying to play. I added more parts to the tab intro.

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I learned more parts to this song....however, it seems like nobody really gives a damn about this song and how cool it is. If learn all the parts I am not going to share because I know that there is someone already there trying to steal credit for this tab. Well later guys...thanks...for nothing

I really need the help....geez i even offered to donate some cash for anyone to help and no one even tells me that they would like to help me out.
Ok, I really dont see what is the big ****ing deal. I am offering a lot of shit to make this easy for you guys. For example,

A.) I am offering to pay you for the tab
5$ USD for just the intro, 10$ for the whole song
B.)I posted up the ****ing video of the guy playing the song that I want to learn so it should be easy for you to see the chords


C.) I just posted up a TAB of what I hear during the song on this thread

I am getting so feed up with all these floaters looking at my thread and not saying a damn thing. In the end I am probably just going to rip the video off of youtube and slow it down so I can see the chords. I know I sound pretty bitchy right now but it is frustrating when no one says anything at all and that this thread gets viewed a lot. Thank you, and have a nice day.