I've never seen this mentioned anywhere here yet (or is this game that old already?)

Basically everyone starts on the same wiki page, and using the hyperlinks within that page somehow get to a completely unrelated page in the shortest amount of clicks.

Lets see how many clicks it takes for you to go from this page:




starting on the first links and using only the hyperlinks within that page and the pages you go to.
Total rip-off of Five Clicks to Jesus, which is a total rip-off of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Click "random article" and within five clicks you'll find an article related to either Jesus or Christianity.
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Its the Lydian mode; formed in Eastern Arabia when the Persians invaded England.

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try the sexolydian scale.
oh I didn't realize that, I've never heard of those games actually. I think this one is more versatile though as you can pick the starting and ending article, and it doesn't always to be an article about jesus of w/e
i thought it was 5 clicks to hitler... but thats just the nazi version i suppose
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We always played and tried to find God. I'm actually pretty good at this game, but we raced each other for time, not number of pages visited.
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I couldn't get it. I even got to guitar but still couldn't find it.

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Spent about 5 minutes getting to Wiki's UG. I think like, 7-10 clicks. Started from TS first link.


Went to Living People or something, then I found Steve Vai, then guitars, then I cannot remember what I did from there. The memory of a goldfish is astounding, agree?
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