What are your thoughts?


There are obviously a billion things I'd do differently if I didn't set it as a speed challenge but I'm pretty happy with the core of what came out.. Opinion and crit is appreciated, plus sub and spread it if you like it

Will do C4C of course
Sounds like a mix between System of a Down and Disturbed.Its very good especially considering how little time you had to do it.
Impressed that you got the vocals to sound as good as they are in only 2 hours, not too shabby!

The song itself is very simple though on guitar and drums, so I could see how it didn't take long to write most of it. As far as the tones go, the guitar really needs some polishing, it doesn't sound good at all IMO, but for the sake of making this quickly with crazy time constrictions, it's obvious that not much is going to be close to perfect

I wouldn't really call it "metal" though. By today's standards, it's probably a bit more hard rock, more groove/nu-metal-ish if anything. Still cool, non-the-less, the song definitely has some potential. I definitely don't think I could make a song that quickly.

Overall, quite impressive for 2 hours man! Good job!
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Thanks guys I'll keep that all in mind

And what do you mean it's not really metal by today's standard? I mean it's not what's "in" now (that'd be more hardcore).... though I can see how it is most similar to Nu Metal... ah shit I sense another genre war lol

Thanks again your input's appreciated
Your vocals are good, but they're not suited for this type of music in my opinion. The problem is that your voice is too clean and smooth. Add a little raspiness to your singing and you'll have a good thing going.

Your production is good. Levels are tight, the guitars might be a bit low, but everything sounds good. I know that you created this song in 2 hours, but the structure is repetitive and leaves much to be desired. I'm interested to hear how much the song improves after you've worked on it for a week or two.

hope this helps