First off, I am into metal. I love metal and as a general rule, I hate all pop music. This is because most pop music is rubbish. However, there is some good stuff out there I'll admit, so with the notion in mind that pop music can be good, I tried to make what I would consider a "good" pop song.

Here it is!

I would love to know what you think! C4C.

Thanks to minette for the vocals!
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I am typically against pop music as well. This is pretty good. I would boost the vocals a little, or just lower the keyboard a little in the mix. The vocals seem a little pitchy at times. But pretty good overall. I think a bit more bass would fit this more, but again this isn't my genre. I think if you tighten up the vocals it'll work out better

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The first few notes do remind me of "Kids". Instrumentally, the melodies are good! I like the tone to the singers voice, but she is rather pitchy (perhaps pitch correction could help, you can try out Melodyne for free for about 30 days). If you can improve the singer's pitchiness, it would be much more appealing. Please review my music at this link:

The vocals need to be louder. I agree with the pitch correction thing. I would of added a much more prominent bass part. I like the verses a lot, all the melodies are good. The chorus is a little weak, if the singer had a stronger voice I might like it a lot more. I like the bridge thing, that synth sounds cool, and the instrumentation is great all around. I can't say I'm a fan of the lead synth, but that's just me. Sounds a little generic to me? Idk. I would of gone with a more square or crunchy synth. Just me though. I like the drums. They sound great all around, I might make the snare a little louder, also I wouldn't crash on every start of a measure in the chorus, that's kind of a general no no of drums. Just sounds too repetitive after a while. Which is weird because you can just use bass and snare beats forever and no one ever complains. Anyway, great job. It sounds really good, especially the verses.