Hi There!

I have a huge amount of 5m cables that I need to shift. I had to make over 50 in order to complete a project and they are now not needed. They have all been used only once and are as new. I will cable check every single one individually before shipping.

Having problems uploading photos so please e-mail davesampsonmusic@gmail.com for photos!

XLR Specs:
0.5mm Double Shielded Cable
Nuetrik Style Connectors OR Hard Cast Nickel Connectors

Jacks Specs
0.5mm Double Shielded Cable
High Quality Metal Connectors

p&p prices aren't included, from experience they are roughly £4 for 5 Cables.

As luck would have it, I have to go away for 2 weeks Wednesday 10th. I may be able to reply to emails but won't be able to ship anything. Please send any queries to davesampsonmusic@gmail.com.

Kind Regards,