Im starting a reamp service but need some tracks to later use as demonstration on a upcoming webpage, i will reamp for free and for payment i get to use it as a demonstration, but only if you are happy with the result

ive got a couple of tube amps and quality recording equipment

I need rock/metal tracks, that are professional sounding/played
Good quality on the guitar D.I (guitar signal)
Also some info of how you want it to sound and a mixdown backingtrack will be needed

Send a pm if interested
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What amps? Cabs? Mics? Etc.
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Hmm I have some clean guitar I would like to be re-amped on a song on my profile page I may send you. I got some other power chord driven riffs I can send you if you want. I am not much of a guitar player these days.

If you do bass I can prob send you some bass to.
what reamp box and converters do you have
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^ I would like to know this too. Or are you using a DI box? And if so, which one?

Also, what amps, cabs, mics?

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