I love it when stuff like this falls together so easily. Found an old indian drum thing that I used to play a long time ago, figured why not record something with it and here's what happened! My first attempt at something so jazzy so tell me what you guys think.

Also will C4C so just link me!

have a good one and thanks again
this is pretty cool. You did a good job tracking this one! Nice jazzy feel to it. The only thing I might change is vary the bass a little more. But besides that you've a pretty slick recording. I really like the Indian drums you used. Much more character than programmed drums. Good Job on this on bud

c4c- https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1468522
The bass is a little off at some parts, just some timing issues. I, personally, would of layered the drums, it would of been easier to time and given it a nice sound. I also would of had another actual drum kit but you probably didn't have that so it's okay. I think the first solo should of been shorter, I liked when the bass started to change, very nice. It's all pretty chill. Some simple guitar chords would of done this a big favor, the constant movements makes it a little overwhelming at points. But the recording is all pretty good, besides timing. Good job, some great ideas.