I've been playing around with my ENGL e530 lately, and this is the result:



It's recorded like this:

ESP Horizon -> ENGL e530 -> Behringer UCG102 -> Guitarhack impulses -> Reaper
The bass is Spectrasonics Trilian and the drums are Superior Drummer 2.0.
I've mastered it lightly with iZotope Ozone.

Any mix advice would be great!
Guitars don't sound half bad. I think the octave lead parts sounds pretty weak, but that's not really a huge deal. The drum overheads sound like superior from about 5 miles away (experiment with lower velocities and a higher OH volume). The snare sounds a bit too natural and unprocessed for the vibe of the song and the kick gets lost big time and also is clashing with the bass guitar. I'd use m/s EQ to make a bit of a cut around 1.3khz in the guitars down the middle to let the bass grit be a bit more prominent.