hey guys, for a long time ive been trying to write a really good rock song but not getting anywhere. i would like to here any advice any of you have to help.
trying to write a really good rock song

That could be your problem.... I find the best thing is to just write whatever you come up with and keep a track of ALL your ideas. Some of them may eventually become the finished article, some may never get used, but you won't just happen to come up with something "really good" purely because that's what you're aiming for.

Also remember that just because you don't think something is "really good", it doesn't mean that other people won't like it.

Just keep writing. Even the best artists will probably have 10 ideas they've never used for every idea that led somewhere.
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Listen to some of the music you are trying to write for like a couple of hours to get some inspiration, this music will put you in a epic kickass mood and will have lots of ideas running through your head, wright these ideas down, don't even worry about there meaning just let them flow from your mind to the paper, after a while you can combine these ideas together into a rock n roll song! Hope this helps.
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