For all kinds of metal, and assuming the same price. How does the Jackson handle down-tuning?

Feel free to recommend guitars you think are better though.
This almost entirely depends whether you prefer ESP or Jackson. I personally prefer ESP. I've owned that ESP Horizon FR-II once but traded it into an ESP M-II Deluxe -92 and I love this thing! Had it for a year now.

I'd say ESP, it's an amazing guitar. But thats my opinion, there are people who will prefer Jackson and I'm cool with that.
Yeah i'm not a fan of EMGs. I honestly never see Jackson's being used for the metal I play and that's why I ask. Every time I see them it seems it's always someone trying to play like Paul Gilbert and nothing else.
^Jackson guitars not used for the metal genre you play? What the hell kind of metal are you playing then? Many great metal bands used Jackson and when they did, the bands were better than they're now.

Anyway, these two guitars have very different necks. To my hand, the Jackson's neck is superior. I find it faster so it's easy to shred on it. The ESP's neck is just something I could not probably get used to.

When you're buying a guitar something this expensive, you should check that everything in it matches your tastes.. I would not get an ESP just because it's "ESP" or same for any company there is.
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