Can nickel-wound strings **** up a floyd rose? i have recently switched from ernie ball slinkies to ernie ball to nickel wound ernie ball strings (both .010 gauge). before the change, I had problems with the tuning stability, i.e. after a divebomb the low e would be a d# and i had hoped new strings would solve the problem. new strings did not solve the problem, and now, after a few days of working well, the damn thing refuses to tune to E, but i can just about get away with drop d and a undertuned guitar. are the strings the problem or is there a deeper instability issue?

I have a ibanez edge 3 tremolo, everything i;ve heard about it is bad, is it worth consdiering a replacement, and if so would a gotoh be a suitable replacement?
had the same thing, just gotta adjust the springs in the back, took me an hour to master the whole tremolo and stuff but if you're scared to stuff up you better let a guitartech at the local retailer adjust it. My mate did that and it costed like 15 quid for half an hour work. But then again if you are careful you can fix it yourself
i forgot to mention the springs are all the way to the back, i've always had some weird problem with overly tense strings
I use D'Addario Nickel Wounds .009-.046 with a Schaller LFR and it doesn't give me any problems.
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Did you stretch the strings properly yet? The low E string is always the one that takes the longest to stretch.
Different alloys result in different string tension. Nickel-wound Steel strings have more tension than pure Nickel. There is nothing wrong with your tremolo, you just need to adjust it and keep the tension balanced.
You need to get it set up, I think. The Edge 3 is rubbish only if you don't set it up properly - if you set it up exactly right, there won't be any problems until it wears down in a year or 2.
Replacing your tremolo will be quite expensive if you want something better than what you currently have.

PS. As far as I'm aware, Ibanez strings all their superstrat guitars (RG and S series) with .009 - .042 from the factory. If you whacked .010-.046 on it without adjusting anything, there's your problem.
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i stretched the stringds before putting them on but surely that would cause the trem to be too sharp not too flat? what can i do to set-up the trem? i can't tighten the screws anymore and even if i could that wouldn't solve the tuning intsability. my guitar has always had 10s on