Hey guys! My friend has this pedal. He bought a few years ago. I think zoom stopped manufacturing it. I really want this pedal. Saw it for 150. Its tot worth the money! I was planningon buying the korg ax3000g. but this ones so cheap and has most of korgs features! So can you please tell me where i can get one! i searched many sites in google! None of em sell em. I live in India. But it doesnt matter if its in U.S or U.K. Il get it somehow! I searched in many indian sites like bajaao and furtadosonline. Searched amazon,ebay and a site called jandr. I saw one on ebay. But its used. Im not very interested in buying it because i dont know if its good or not. So please tell me if you any place that i can get a zoom GFX-3
It's pretty old so it's gonna be hard to find.
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I know, but if i get it its gomna be awesome! How come nobody wants to sell it!