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Those of you who saw my other thread may remember that after many reccomendations I decided to check out the Squire Vintage Modified Jazz. Well here's a story for those who care, but first, pics:

It's a Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Special

And here it is with my Epi Les Paul Slash Custom:

So now the story. I walked into Guitar Center with my old custom built warbeast style guitar that I was planning on selling. I played around on some other basses while getting the guy to offer me a price, and after playing Jazz bass after Jazz bass, I picked this up and loved it. So the guy offered $60 for the guitar (No name brand, I dont know anything about it at all), but he eventually knocked it up to $70, gave us 10% off the bass and a free strap, so all in all we got about $100 for the guitar, which was about what I was expecting. Yeah I still had to pay out of pocket, but the total purchase (guitar and amp) only amounted to $218 after the trade in and discounts (Plus a free Strap!). Also got an amp with it.

The guitar plays well. I've only had it for two days now but it was set up pretty much perfect right out of the box (a little bit of buzz on the low E). The sunburst looks absolutely stunning in person. It has active electronics which is a downside for me but it has a lot of tonal versatility and saved me $100 off the jazz, which I personally thought sounded a tad flat. Im a beginning bassist and this is my first, but it seems like a quality built guitar, like all of Squire's Vintage Modified guitars seem to be. It also has a "bass booster", but I've yet to really notice much of a difference other than that it's a little louder than the others I tried. It has a volume control for each pickup, a bass eq, and a treble eq, and I've been able to get a lot of different sounds out of it without even touching the amp. All in all very happy with it, hopefully it will last me a long time.
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I just made a thread on this bass yesterday. I LOVE what squier has done here. The tone is so much more...ballsy for lack of a better term. Any way you can get us some sound clips?
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minimal soldering iron-fu could turn that thing passive. just sayin'

hnbd. im getting more and more torn between these and a P bass every day. if they had P necks i'd be sold.;
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