I need a second guitar for punk-rock. Asian guitar will do the trick.
I have a Fender HRD so I need the guitar to push more than usual to compensate a bit.

I am hesitating between a LTD Viper and a schecter PT.

I don't know much about these brands. Any advice ?
Which models?

You need to play them as they are both radically different guitars.

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Im a huge Ltd/Esp Fan. There just all around good guitars
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The two guitars are pretty different. I don't know how you came down to those choices. I'd say there are better options than those guitars available for the same price.
What's your budget?
What kind of punk-tone are you after? (if possible post some higher quality YT-video-links)

Other than that you don't need a guitar with high output to push your amp, you could just get a guitar you really like, that sounds good and is well built and simply boost your amp with an overdrive pedal.
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My LTD H-51 feels very Schectery. Read- thick neck.

You played a schecter?

Well I would say SG shape Vs Tele shape is about as radical as you can get...

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb