Would love to have some feedback on this to use on my future work/writing
Review any track you want or all of them , and if someone allready reviewed track 1 i'd rather see one of the other ones reviewd first after it ofcourse

C4C as allways!
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Listening to Damage: Not too keen on the tone of the distortion guitar, is a bit fuzzy. All other instruments sound pretty nice though. Pretty cool song, like the clean bit that comes in at 1:45. Good riff at 2:18. The bass is quite high up in the mix. Ends quite well.
Overall it's a good song, nice work.

Thanks man appriciate it
Yea i allways mix the bass a bit higher in general because i think it's just important as the guitar, that's just my opinion though haha.
Glad you like the song overall

C4C'd check out your thread liked your song alot
Hey, Gonna C4C as I listen to your EP!

Track 1 - Damage
Intro sounds great, like the tone and playing of it and I like how the heavier guitar comes into it and plays with it. Really like it at :50+ part, when it changes a bit.. Sounds really good throughout all of that. The change to the cleaner guitar is really smooth and sounds nice. Everything after that sounds great as well. there is not really any complaints on this track, I like all of it. The only bit I don't personally like is the part with the breaks at 1:40ish, I don't feel like it fits very well. It feels like something is missing

Track 2 - Docks
It sounds quiet similar to the first track IMO. It sounds good, but it sounds too similar. The overall playing sounds good. I really like 1:38 when it's like, just the bass guitar? It sounds really nice! Again, overall no real complaints, all playing was great and so was tone.. Also I like that this track ( as well as the first one) has an intresting structure..

Track 3 - Dreams
Really Like the intro to this track. It sounds a bit like you are using a phaser or some sort of effect on the guitar. IMO I dont think you should use that effect, if that is what you are using. Although I don't think you are, it might just be that Im hearing it wrong. Bass sounds great as well! I like this track... its just the kind of stuff I love to listen to

Track 4 - Decoy
Overall great playing/tone.. I really like the part at 1:20, its a bit like the part of track 2 though which I don't like. And once the clean part comes in, it sounds very muddy. I think that should be improved... Also the change isn't very smooth IMO. The next change to the distorted guitar sounds good, but the first change felt like it should of been done a bit differently. I feel like you need something to define these tracks a bit more, they sound quiet similar IMO..

track 5 - Distance
Really like this intro, The drums sound a bit off... It might just be because of the beat you are playing, but it feels off to me.. throughout the whole thing your playing is pretty tight and great tone again, Is it the same tone throughout the whole EP? I think you should try changing it up a little and try giving each track some identity..

please check out my EP, a link to the thread is in my signature!! thanks!
"Distance": The intro reminds me of the Cure (a compliment), until the distorted guitar started. Drums & bass, and guitar all sound quite good. Most all of the playing is tight. I like the melodies. I wouldn't mind hearing some vocals on this. Sounds rather good overall. Please review my music at this link:

Ah thanks! glad you all like it so far crits on all your music guys i liked it alot check it out
Thanks for the crit on my thread man!

Distance - I'm liking the intro, sounds sick, guitar work is solid, I don't like the bass tone though (played well, just the sounds....its more of a preference thing i guess), I'm not sure but it sounds like your picking on the bass (apologies if I'm wrong lol, just blame my fail ears) trying using fingers it might just add that smoother feels to the bass which I think might work better with your guitar tone. I think you have a solid basis for some songs, now go find a vocalist lol, seriously though good stuff keep it up.

ps. I almost forgot to mention that I liked your clean tone too
I thought the drums were amazing, the guitar sounds good, just something about the distortion sounded off to me, almost like the grain was "too slow" if that makes any sense. Also, the recording quality is astounding.
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Listening to Distance

I really like the clean stuff, but I'm not a fan of the distorted guitar sound. I like how all the riffs and melodies create an...atmosphere, I guess that's the best word I know for this. I think the drums could use a little more juice in their sound, during some climatic moments (like the part starting at 2:01) they sound a little weak, not worthy of the epicness that the rest of the instruments are making.

Overally I think you did a very good job, I know that recording and mixing all of this takes a lot of time, not to mention the composing process.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=27845476#post27845476 crit mine?
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Decoy - I don't really like the distorted tone (sounds a bit fuzzy, unless you wanted this kind of tone). Clean tone is okay. Drums are great, what did you use to record them?

I liked all riffs in the song. Part @1.24 is really nice and memorable, but transition to clean guitars is bit rough.

Overall the song is great, but a solo(or several) over the clean part would be nice. It just feels like the clean part isn't really fitting the song.
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          thanks everyone!

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          I'm not sure but it sounds like your picking on the bass (apologies if I'm wrong lol, just blame my fail ears)
          Yea i am haha, i prefer the sound of picking to fingerstyle bass though so thats just me

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          Drums are great, what did you use to record them?
          I used EzDrummer with the Drumkit from Hell expansion, didn't record myself

          This song has some of the tastiest riffs I've ever heard!

          The guitar tone is muddy, but I like it. It does tend to drown everything else out though.

          It sounds like the bass drum is a little weak. It sounds too much like you're kicking a cardboard box. This is the best song out of the five. Get a vocalist!


          I'm really starting to like your stuff. Even when your guitar work gets heavy, it still has a ton of melodic darkness to it. This song was good, but it was uneventful. Basically just some clean guitar riffing without any changes in dynamics and no discernable song structure. I'd love to hear some kind of guitar or piano melody on top.

          I'm keeping an eye on your stuff! Cant wait for more!

          good songwriting throughout, it just sounds like the distorted guitar could be fiddled with- it sounds kind of funky, partially because it could use some more bass.

          I DO likethe music though
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          Thanks for the crit

          Gave Dreams a listen, its got a really cool ambient feel to it. Although I think it could benefit from vocals, I don't listen to much instrumental music, so thats just my opinion. I would also say it feels a little short, when it ends it feels like its being built up to something else, kind of like a mid album interlude or intro. Thats not really a negative though, I really like it a lot
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