Hey everyone, I had a really quick question about this new song I'm working on, I know the clean tones are great, but I'm really trying to find a good distortion tone for a pop rock kind of vibe, and I usually record for hardcore, so my tones are more geared for that, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips for a good distortion tone, since I use podfarm for all of that.


I'll C4C anything anyone's got.

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You use Podfarm? Try using whatever the tubescreamer model is through whatever the VOX AC30 model is. No distortion coming from the TS but with the level pumped and the tone filter around 3/4ths, the VOX's gain about 3/4ths of the way up. Jack it with pedals to taste

I haven't used PODfarm in awhile, but these settings work fairly well in Guitar Rig... And I think they'll translate.

Well for this song, I would use a lot less gain. I would make it a little louder as well, the key for this kind of song is to make it as punchy as possible. You have the clean tone down pretty well. I usually use the models based after Vox and Orange for those kinds of tones, I usually turn the gain half way up, treble almost all the way down if I'm using Vox, 3/4ths up for Orange. And turn Bass and Mid up a lot until it sounds the best. I almost always record two rhythm guitars, one panned half left, one panned half right. I always shape the tone at the same time when I'm getting started so I know how it sounds. Then tweak individually. That's what will get you that tone.

Also, cool song.
Yeah, as others have said, less distortion = better. try all the amp models it'll help my favorites for stuff like this are the dual rec model and the JCM800. play with them and you'll get it!

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