Hi, whitch guitar is best between the LTD M-200FM, the LTD MH-50 or the Schecter Omen Extreme 6? Please help me decide! What are the pros and cons about these guitars? Thanks
The LTD MH-50 has a carved top so it will probably cost more for what is really just looks. The LTD M-200FM has active pickups so more out put. And I guess your talking about the Schecter Omen Extreme 6 with the floyd rose since the other guitars have FR's other wise the fact it dosn't have a floyd haha. And controls. Even though a diffrent pickup switch dosn't sound like much its can be. I'd go for the LTD M-200FM because of the pick up switch alone. I would then change the pickups to passive ones though haha. next in line I would go for the Schecter then the MH-50.
I agree with da's order of choice, the MH-50 is a bit of a non-contender in those three really. Though I disagree with the pick ups. I personally love actives, but pups are all personal choice at the end of the day. Actives are higher output and generally better for high gain sounds, but they are really unforgiving if you have sloppy fret work.
I prefer the LTD m-200fm

but I wouldnt buy any of them to be honest.
I hate all of you...my opinion is my own...take it or leave it
I played an M-200FM in a music store once. Sweet axe, I almost bought it right there. Don't even consider the MH-50, it's a budget axe. The M-200FM is definitely your best bet.
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^There is very little difference between a 50, a 100 and a 200 except pups and maybe bridge. You dont see a big difference till you get to 300, which are some realyl badass guitars.
Also, QC is very hit and miss here. One 50 might be awesome, another might suck balls. So you really need to play each.
The MH is the same as the M save for a rounder appearance. The Schecter is mroe like the H series.
Btww are you in India? Because putting the 200 and the 50 makes me think they are the same price. They are in India, whereas online the 200 is much pricier than the 50 or the 100.
ok, thanks everyone for the answers. Guess I'll go with the m-200fm.
@GS LEAD 5 No I live in Sweden. But I think they are about the same price.