dude this is really really really really really really good! lol this must of took you forever to perfect lol but well worth it dude so sick! i really like your tone what do you use? the tone reminds me of synester gates. anyways great stuff i subscribed i wanna see more of your stuff! :P

check mine?

Awesome, all solo's! So far, I love the entire album. Let's see if you won't put it to shame!

In Waves - Excellent. Couple of bends are a tiny little bit off but overall... excellent!

Inception - Excellent.

Dusk - Not as good as the previous two but I can't blame you. This solo is insane.

Burn - Nice job!

Black - NICE job on the harmony!

Severance - Again, impressive. Second solo contains a few mistakes, but you still kicked ass.

Built to Fall - Same as Severance.

Caustic - I love this solo and you covered it perfectly. Very good job on the harmonies again.

Forsake - Looks tough but you still did a very nice job.

Drowning - Thumbs up.

So Dark - I want to see some more vibrato on this one!

Chaos Reigns - Short but tasty!

Yesterday - I love this song as well. Love the singing and the guitar solo, which you covered very well.

All in all - you impress me man. Good job!

I just covered Inception of the End... wanna check it out?

This is absolutely incredible! Yeah, I know I am very identical with my comments, but I don't see what else can say about this stuff man. It is very massive video, with very good idea, it was very entertaining to watch solos with great sound for 8 minutes, I really didn't feel this time. Great stuff!

Would you want to check mine cover man? It is completely handi-capped, compared with yours, but yeah, soon will have something bigger

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Amazing solo! Your tone isn't bad too! Your motion is really smooth, and looks like you play with ease. Tapping was awesome!
Wow Awesome Work! .. Everything Was So Clean! Thanks For The Comment On My Vid! .. This Is Awesome! Cant Complain On Anything!
This is amazing, you must be a fast learner cause this hasn't been out that long has it?
Hey dude thanks for your crit! Solos are a little out at times, but I can't help but attribute that to your tuning. Dusk Dismantled was pretty impressive though! Good stuff